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Wicomm wi5 Pro is a high-power intelligent 4G router WiFi and breakthrough technology gadget, which is suitable for mobile office entrepreneurs and provides a solution for all networking activities of entrepreneurial teams of 10-50 people. It does not need to install optical fiber or network cable, and can be used after power supply is connected.


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Wicomm Wi5 Pro(Enterprise Edition)

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    1. Model:WI5 Pro      
    2. key features:    Router WIFI 4G FPGA     
    3. Size :   Overall dimensions : 165mm*165mm*51mm
          color:  silver/black
          material:  aluminium alloy
          waterproof:  need adding shield
          PCBA:  Main pcba+ 4Gmodule + FPGA
    4. Context:    Router scheme:  IPQ4019+QCA8075
          4G scheme : MSM8909or MSM8953 
          encryption schem : Zynq-7020
          camame : compatible
    5. Ports:    WAN port :1  / LAN port : 2 / Key :1 reset / Lights : 3 /    Sim Card : support physical 1 card / Antenna : 7
    6. Router:  2.4G : 2*2mimo 300Mbps / 5G : 2*2mimo 867Mbps /1Gb NAND + 128Mb spi flash / 256MB DDR3 / Reset key

    7. Hardware: 4G/Spec :   Modem1 :GSM :1900/1800/900/850WCDMA:B1/B2/B4/B5/B8/B3/B6/B9/B19 FDD :B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/20/B9/B18/B19/B26  TDD:B38/39/40/41   Modem2LTE :Band 1/2/5/8/4 UMTS :Band 1/2/5/8/4   GSM :1900/1800/900/850.   

    8. Encryption: Spec: 8GB+1GB /Zynq-7020 / data encryptioncamera / camera

    9. Power: DC 12V 4A